Things I LOVE…part I.

So as we go through this process, I have the pleasure of taking things that I LOVE…I mean LOVE to the point I feel in my soul I can’t live without them and make it work for what we are building. Not so easy.

The first example of this is the exterior of our new home. I LOVE French inspired architecture. I am obsessed with painted brick and in my dreams I see myself living in a beautiful estate in Buckhead.

So how do I translate that into our reality? Well I am obviously not getting a painted brick manor. Just imagine me trying to explain that part of the budget to Brendan. “Well honey, I know that brick is expensive but I don’t really like the way it looks. I want to use brick and THEN I want someone to come and paint over it.” I can just see his face now as he stares back and forth from the budget to me.

So instead I have to figure out how to take a look that I feel I can’t live without and create a similar feel with materials I can #1 afford and #2 fit the neighborhood we are building in (more to come on that later.)

This blog post is going to feature looks that I LOVE and for tonight..these are the houses I am dreaming about building. I will come back to reality tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Things I LOVE…part I.

  1. That is absolutely my favorite house ever. It is in Buckhead, belongs to former Atlanta Braves Baseball player, Derek Lowe and was designed by my favorite architect in the, Stanley Dixon. It is for sale…we should just buy this and call it a day. 🙂–Open-House-Derek-Lowes-estate


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