A Floor Plan For A Family Of Five

Over the past few years, Brendan and I have searched thousands of floor plans. Really. Thousands.

I have seriously felt like we would never find anything, then we would find something, then we couldn’t find a lot to go with it, then I found 100 things wrong with the plan and then it would go into a “junk folder” and we would start over. This was the vicious cycle we were in. Until recently…

Having worked in the design industry and building industry I do realize that anything can be created or any plan can be changed. Unfortunately, my husband is in logistics and need a visual (either a color rendering or even better a picture) before he can even consider it. This is challenge #1 of about 10,000 but has proven to be one of our biggest and most frustrating.

We are a family of five and three out of the five grow daily. I cringe at the thought of future teenagers but realize that we are heading in that direction. I want space to grow (and space to hide.) I want space to expand but not rely on that for “living space.” I want storage and plenty of bathrooms. These are not questions you are asked or options you are given on any house plan website so it takes hours of searching/changing/dissecting before you find what works.

Brendan and I have agreed on most aspects of the floor plan. Shocking? I thought so too. We both want an open family room/kitchen space with a large island. We find ourselves and our guests standing around our kitchen no matter how I try to layout a party and I MUST have a better solution. I also think that deep down Brendan realizes he will never have to hit pause on the TV ever again while washing dishes (this is where his idea to put the sink in the island facing the fireplace came in) and quite honestly at least this way I can watch just as much of a football game as everyone else while creating our staple game day foods!

We also know that there has to be space for my baby grand piano and we both like the idea of walking in with a formal living and dining room on either side of a wide foyer. We prefer a guest room on the main floor and really could care less about the placement of our master bedroom. We see pros and cons to each and have realized that privacy is a thing of our past and that at least if we are upstairs we can monitor the teenage escape a little more closely.

We prefer each child to have a bedroom and I think that Harper will need her own bath. We all know that sharing with a boy is gross and I want her to have some enjoyment of her own space before getting married. The boys will share a bath and if Brendan doesn’t stop leaving toothpaste in the sink…he may also be in there with them.

Storage. Now that’s a word I can’t get out of my head. I want storage and lots of it. Big closets, large laundry room, at least a two car garage and a walk in pantry that holds tons of food (in case I ever decide to actually cook.)

Doesn’t seem to difficult to find, right? Well add an exterior that has potential for character and specific interior details (all drawn out or photographed so that Brendan can see) and it has been one heck of a search.

BUT…obviously there is light at the end of this tunnel since I am posting, right? Yes indeed! After two years, we finally have a “working” (meaning there are changes to be made but it will work) floor plan!

We aren’t quite sure about the third car garage or a few other things and plan on changing up the kitchen and creating a mud room/powder room in the garage entrance but other than that it is pretty good!

Notice in the picture the double front door and porch that stretches the entire width of the house. Those elements are KEY for me. We are front porch dwellers and I MUST have a spot to soak up the southern climate while enjoying a seasonal cocktail and watching my kids recklessly ride scooters and stretch their imagination into wild games full of adventure.

So take a peek at the plan and try to imagine the amount of work that went into getting us this far. Five people, five needs, five opinions, five wishes all blended into one house plan that will eventually become our home.

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