Things I LOVE…Part II

Here we go…

I LOVE light fixtures. In order to create my “Not-French Manor”..I know that great accessories are a must and so I want to “set the tone” with a selection of lighting that I love that I also think would be great for the style of home I want to create.

I am sure you are wondering why I would start here and not something like paint, materials, etc? I work best when I find something that really inspires me in the same architectural style that I am trying to achieve. I can visualize better when I have an inspiration piece and for this particular house, I think that we should start with the lighting. I am the designer and client on this project so no one is going to argue that mindset…right??

I know that I want a lantern style sconce. I also want a pendant light in lieu of a ceiling fan or flush mount. I do NOT want them to match. If you look back at the picture of the house we are going to build you will notice that the porch stretches across the front of the house. I want to have two separate seating areas with pendant lights and then wall sconces flanking the front door. That means I need to purchase four light fixtures for the front porch and not kill my budget (which I could easily do with a trip to Jerry Pair.)

I think that the shapes or the finishes need to be different to get that “Parisian market quality” but I am not really sure yet. Here are some options that really make me happy…you will see that I have my work cut out for me narrowing this very valid list down.

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