Things I LOVE….Part III

Let’s think doors, shall we?

Brendan and I both agree that we want a double front door. (This is one of those areas I let him have input in because I could go either way and he feels totally validated and I can make 15 other decisions without involving him again.)

So double doors it is. Now…the hard part.

Do I want to stick to a french style door to keep in with the vision or do I want to go another direction and throw in a bit of spanish influence with a great iron detail?

I love iron doors but could do without the hefty price so if that’s the direction I choose I will look for a similar style in a wood version. There are lots of great door companies that offer the European/Old World look without breaking the bank. Salvage yards and builder’s warehouses (Southeastern Salvage is my FAVORITE) are also great spots for finding amazing doors at affordable prices. The great thing about building a new home is that you can literally change the opening to fit the door! This gives me the option to find the door and not worry about it fitting (within reason of course.)

Should I do new or old? Since we are moving into a new home from a 100+ year old house…maybe this is the area that I can add a bit of historic charm. Then again…I do love the thought of moving away from doors that swell and stick and NEVER fit exactyl and have been dreaming of “everything new” for quite some time. Maybe just the “new/old” look.

I love arched doors (REAL arched doors…not the “fake arch”) and think that this will be a great spot for that detail. I envision a wide foyer and as much as I love the look of a solid door, I think that glass is a must. I love light and being able to see out and think that it is something that make a big difference in my overall vision of my foyer space.

As far as color goes, I think that we will use a stain. Most likely a dark stain similar to what we want for our floors (more to come on that later.) I love seeing the grain of the wood and feel like it is a total shame to paint over it.

Below are some of my favorites. Opinions are most welcome (but not always listened to…just ask Brendan.)

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2 thoughts on “Things I LOVE….Part III

  1. I agree Lindsey. I think that I do want glass so that I can have an abundance of “light dancing” in my foyer. I do think that simplicity is most often the look that I turn to. I don’t like to see architectural details fighting with decorative details for attention.

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