Paint Color Complex

Paint color is where I really struggle. I can visualize this house down to the accessories on my dining table at least 100 different ways (and OF COURSE my future Christmas decorations.) I change my mind from day to day and make mental adjustments as necessary. Unfortunately, the cost to change a decorative object is FAR LESS than the cost to repaint an entire house. See my problem?

I don’t do well with the thought of being “stuck.” I like to be able to change things freely as I feel necessary (I got this quality from my sweet momma who annually changes at least one room in her house) but I also know that the paint colors I choose will be on this house for the longterm so I want to make the right decision.

Here are my thoughts.

I love gray/white/creams. I KNOW FOR A FACT that my main house color will be one of these. Easy right? Not so much. If you have ever looked in those color families you will know that there are thousands of choices in each family. It all can change depending on your accents colors and you can end up with pink instead of white or green instead of gray or yellow instead of cream. As much as I love pink, I am pretty sure both Brendan and I (not to mention our new neighbors) would cringe every time we saw our house painted that color. Forever. Therefore, I must be precise with my paint selection and cautious of the undertones.

My first board features light gray with blue/gray accent colors. I love this color combo and think that it will mix well with a stacked stone that we talk about later. I also think that it would be beautiful with a dark (black undertone) stain on the front door. It gives me more of a “Neo-Traditional” feel than a “French Manor” but I am ok with that. Most importantly, I can see this color combo paired with live greenery and deep red (almost wine) ribbon at Christmas. A safe traditional choice.

Next I have focused on a cool gray color scheme. This particular board makes me think of Seaside/Rosemary Beach Cottages. Maybe I would have the same relaxation as I have at the beach every day if this were my color scheme? Didn’t think so either. I love cool tones and this is similar to my “comfort color zone.” I do have some concern that it will not blend well in a neighborhood full of earth tones but who knows. Paired with stone and dark stain for the front door and natural stone it may be a nice addition and something different! For this scheme I may be tempted to go outside of the traditional box of Christmas Decor and use an artificial white wreath and bright ribbon…maybe pink or coral? Or maybe white on white or white with silver?

The third board features warm gray tones. This color scheme would blend beautifully with the existing homes and gives a nice blend of the grays that I love while maintaining a natural element. The main house color has a nice balance between cream and gray and I LOVE the wrought iron for a nice traditional balance. I think with this I would use a deep brown stain for the front door to add additional warmth. I would also try to find a stone with some red and brown mixes and possibly a little green. Same for the brick. My Christmas decorations would be live greenery with red berries and red ribbon. I also see Christmas trees with red and gold balls flanking the front doors.

My final board features a true French Country blend of colors. A light creamy-gray paired with an almost tonal trim color and a “barely different” green for the shutters. It would be light, airy and beautiful. I would use a “washed” gray stain for the front door or possible a deep brown stain for contrast. Maybe even a red stain? My brick will be washed white with gray/green undertones and my stone would feature a lot of gray. I think I would use natural branches for Christmas Decoration with Berries in lieu of ribbon. A true French Country Christmas!

Weigh-in on your thoughts! Maybe there should be a prize for the best suggestions. I know…whoever gives the best advise will join me for my first glass of wine on my new porch!

*All Paint Colors Featured are Benjamin Moore in case you are inspired to grab a gallon and make a change!*

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