“French Country Farmhouse”

So I have a “new” (to us) term for the style of home I want to build. I am going to blend the French Country Manor with a Traditional Farmhouse.

I know, I know…the term “French Country Farmhouse” is already a staple but this will be a different version.

In case you didn’t already know, I like clean lines, minimal accents and rarely use a loud pattern. I love white, beige and gray and color makes me antsy and nervous. I don’t do ruffles and I don’t do checks or florals. Flea-market finds are not my thing and I prefer the smell of new to the smell of old. In fact, most antiques make my head hurt and cause me to sneeze constantly.

Therefore, my version of the “French Country Farmhouse” will be more modern and have a hint of glam. I mean come on! Can you even actually imagine me IN the country OR a farmhouse? My ideas of “fresh produce” is Publix and if I could get away with it my grass AND my flowers would be fake in the front yard.

So we will incorporate the colors and accents that I love with my French Manor inspirations and the elevation and character details that a farmhouse has to offer.

I have found a particular elevation that makes me giddy and it is shown below. I see us in a house like this. I really do. It looks inviting and charming and has a certain southern essence that makes me comfortable. I am sure we will make changes (even though surprisingly the elevation will work well with our floor plan after a few minor changes to each) but at the end of the day I could come home to this house and be perfectly content.


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