Changes…Always Changes.


So after all the stress, drama and planning…we have decided to stay put in our  current home.  I know, I know.  I never stick with a decision, I change my mind every time the wind blows, etc, etc. It’s all true people.  This is the fun (and frustrating) part of being a creative mind.  I can see things a million different ways.  I can imagine our life here, there and a thousand other places in between.  It’s a gift and a curse really.  Just ask my husband.


So in order to stay put some things have to happen.  First, I need some storage.  I am tired of hiding toys under beds, changing my closet every 1/2 season and spending time in the attic weekly searching for something I thought I didn’t need.  Not to mention the two large storage buildings that we have are ridiculous.  


Next, we need an extra bedroom.  My mom has been sweet enough not to complain about sleeping on the couch for the past 5 years when she visits but I am ready to offer her (and other guests) a real bed.  I also think that even though P and H do a great job of sharing a room right now, it is going to be a short lived victory. 

Want to guess what my least favorite household chore is?  It isn’t cleaning bathrooms (I actually love the smell of bleach,) it isn’t dusting or mopping…it is…LAUNDRY.  I HATE laundry.  I hate separating it, washing it, folding it and putting it away.  HATE IT. Maybe this is because my current laundry room is cramped, narrow and I have to maneuver through a 1/2 bath to get there.  I am not sure, but I do know that having a larger room with space for everything (including the over-flo beer fridge) will make me a little less miserable.  Especially if alcohol is that close by. 


So those are three “key” things that need to happen.  Oh…and one other thing.  I have a family of five…and my kitchen appliances don’t work.  The oven only cooks on broil and the microwave works only on “pizza reheat.”  Now while I have modified my minimal cooking skills to fit these specific instructions, it would be nice to actually have more options when it comes to feeding the family (that don’t involve a call to a restaurant.)  So my sweet (and suggestive) husband surprised me with all new appliances!  Exciting right?  Unfortunately, they do not work/fit in our current kitchen (oh shucks) so we will need a NEW kitchen (this is where I start dreaming about white, white, and white!!!) 


So that’s four “must haves” that we cannot live without.  Now….how to turn an early 1900s Victorian into a modern day family home with storage, space and an open floorplan…..  Fortunately, I have lots of ideas.  




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