A bigger kid, little kid room.

So while I “patiently” wait for the new addition to begin..I decided to take on a small design re-do project in the house.

When I first moved Porter and Harper into the same bedroom, they were barely 5 and almost 4. Now that they are barely 7 and almost 6, I started to realize that they room wasn’t quite as age appropriate as it could be and DEFINITELY not as functional.

Taking a look around, I saw Harper’s adorable pink kitchen which had been collecting dust for a while and the white table and chairs where many tea parties were hosted had become a hazard for Harry’s daily climbing obsession.

After a chat with a surprisingly mature Harper, I had the “ok” to remove these space hindering pieces and create a more “7 and almost 6 year old friendly space!”

The problems.

1) The dresser. I moved this dresser into the closet when I was 7 months pregnant with Harris to create a space for Harper’s Kitchen set. There just wasn’t enough space for everything in the room and I decided it would be ok in the closet. After getting tired of fighting through the chaos of the closet to get to ANYTHING and realizing that the kids needed a spot to put their growing book collection, moving the dresser back into the bedroom (with more “gender neutral knobs”) was the best solution. It would free up enough space for two small book cases in the closet and the daily search for underwear and matching socks wouldn’t be quite as stressful.

2) The bedding. I painted the bedroom a boy and girl friendly yellow and found a navy stripe and pink polka dot duvets to dress their matching white cottage beds. I also allowed (against my better judgement) them to put their favorite stuffed animals on their beds and added personal touches with Porter’s airplane collection and Harper’s requested paper flowers in pink hanging from the ceiling. A roughly painted “P” and “H” gave ownership to their spaces as well as a few prized possessions on floating shelves. Cute right? It was. But it was cute in a “little kid” way. Porter is over stuffed animals and Harper is over polka dots. Not only did they need a new look…I needed something easier to make every morning. Have you ever seen a kid sleep? My kids sleep upside down, at the foot of the bed, wrapped in their duvet. I literally have to completely take the bed apart every morning just to make it again (unless the sheets and duvet are already in the floor.) I wanted quilts that would make my mornings a little easier.

3) Art. Since the kids are sharing a space (and can actually read the signs) I decided this was the perfect time to dress the walls with “By Order of the Management” signage! Super cute, colorful and INFORMATIVE!

4) The clutter. Porter is into Legos and Harper is into Barbie. With the table and chairs in the middle of the room, the kids had no where to play with their new favorite toys. It was time to create an open space in the middle of the room for them to spread out the toys!

Ok. So after evaluating the issues, I started early one Monday morning organizing, de-cluttering and rearranging the room. After 10 hours of hard work, I ended up with a clean, organized and well pulled together space for ALL of their toys and books (and a dresser actually in the bedroom!)

Tuesday I headed to Dalton to go “storage building shopping.” I had a purple quilt that had been used in a Mohawk vignette that I pulled for Harper’s bed along with a few lamps and accessories. A quick trip to Target and I found a coordinating quilt to Harper’s in Navy (Porter’s favorite color and a mere $29 for the SET) and enough frames to create my wall of “Orders.”

A soft white shag rug from The Maples Rug Outlet in Scottsboro, more colorful paper flowers hanging from the ceiling, fun sheets to give the space personality, “No Boys allows and “No girls allowed” posters over each bed for “ownership”, a few already owned toss pillows and photos from a recent shoot with Aunt Kelley and the room is completed for under $250! For now anyway….



Still Missing in Coordinating (to their) bedding colors:


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