My idea of coping…

So while in the process of drawing plan after plan for the renovation only to realize that my budget and my ideas don’t quite match..I have decided to do a “things I love” post to cheer myself up.

Even though I am not a culinary genius…I do live by the thought that the kitchen is the heart of a home.  Even if you only use the microwave to heat up takeout in that kitchen.

Brendan surprised me with a whole new kitchen of appliances a few weeks ago.  I think he may be trying to tell me something.  I am STOKED and can’t wait to put them in place.  Not so stoked about the cooking requirements that came with this little gift.  I am sure there will be a bet going around Highland Park about how many time I actually use them if anyone wants to get on board.

I love the look of industrial appliances and Kenmore created a line that has the look of high end appliances without the hefty price tag.  I love the knobs and the slide in cooktop.  Now if only I can convince Brendan that I need a new fridge…

While Brendan fantasizes about me cooking…I fantasize about my cabinets, countertops, knobs, lighting, dishes, etc.  I have put together an idea board of some of my favorite looks.  Drool along with me and then give me your opinion.  I am kind of set on white, white and more white.  I chose to believe that it WILL be a functional choice for three kids.

Ok.  I feel better.  Now back to the “drawing board.”

Kenmore Pro Convection Double Oven (that doesn’t only cook on broil):

Kenmore Pro 6 Burner Gas Slide-In Cooktop:

Kenmore Pro Dishwasher:

Kenmore Pro Fridge (that I NEED):

White Kitchen Inspiration:


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