Dreaming of a house…

Update: Still on hold with our home addition. Nothing new.  Talking about money is depressing…etc…etc..etc

Now..to move on.

Brendan and I rarely completely agree on things 100 percent.  We are both Taurus which only seems to make a difference when we feel strongly about something. Ok…so it makes a difference a lot.

We are also complete opposites.  Brendan thinks in numbers and logic and I think in colors and shapes.  It typically all balances out and even though we each know that the other person  tunes out the details of our day, we continue with the stories anyway because honestly, we like to hear ourselves talk.

So three years ago when Brendan and I started to consider building a house and began the process of looking at house plans..the fact that we each fell in love with a house plan (like REALLY in love) is pretty amazing.  And blog worthy.

I feel like I should have written that day in my  kids (nonexistent) baby books or something.  “The day Mommy and Daddy agreed on something without persuading the other person.”  Amazing.

So what made this house “click” for us?  It is really because at the end of the day Brendan and I may have different ways of imaging the decor of the space (he prefers to think of Auburn prints, football helmets, etc and I prefer trending designs, crisp color and nothing childproof) we both want the same things in the end as far as layout, architectural style and overall “look.”

The plan:

The plan was a Southern Living idea house in 2003.  It is a  “Coastal Carolina” farmhouse with expansive porches and large windows.  The color scheme is white with a blue(ish) gray shutter.  Simple, airy, and inviting with a touch of historical beauty.  A perfect “new house” match for a couple who enjoys their 100 plus year old house and practically spends all of our afternoons/evening on the front porch.

We all know I love white.  I swear by this color over and over and over.  That’s what makes the color scheme of this house so beautiful.  It is white inside and out. Simple and clean with accents of color and attention to the details that give it a historical feel.

This house also has an abundance of windows which flood the space with sunlight (at least in my imaginary version) and the large front wrapping porches provide additional covered living space outdoors.

The interior of this house is “wide open.” You enter into a large foyer that has flanking living/dining rooms.  The space can be expanded even further by utilizing the front porch for large parties.  We all know that the Stinson family loves a good party. The kitchen opens to a more private family room large enough to gather but cozy enough to bring your family together for movie and game night. We especially loved the flooring that they selected and the wide fireplace mantels.  I imagine the kitchen in white and my color scheme would be less “beach cottage”  and more “farmhouse glam.”  Hmmm…I wonder if that is a design phrase yet.

We BOTH agreed that we would have to rework the upstairs (the space seems “weird” to both of us) but our bedrooms have always been the least of our worries.  We live in our house and sleep in our bedrooms.  Therefore, planning our living space is much more important to both of us.

So why haven’t we built this dream home?  It is because it deserves a particular lot.  We imagine it on a farm or in a meadow.  Not in the middle of the city.

Would we consider giving up the city for this house?  Maybe…..


One thought on “Dreaming of a house…

  1. I Absolutely Love this house too Ashley!! I was made to live in a house like this. Now if only I could win the Lottery or get that invention on the market soon!!! LOL

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