Glam…meet Farmhouse Chic.

In my previous post I mentioned that if we were ever to actually build our dream home, I would like to create a “farmhouse glam” style.

Well…there is no such design term (until now) but I did find some really amazing “farmhouse chic” rooms to inspire us!

Why I love “farmhouse chic:”

My grandparent lived in a little yellow farmhouse.  Built by my great-grandparents, lived in by my grandparents and now owned by my father.  My grandparents were beyond amazing.  They practically gave up their retirement to chase a slightly wild, highly imaginative and completely spoiled little girl so that my mother and father could work from the time I was six weeks old.  Yikes!

I look back on my childhood and realize it was truly magical.  Their property always seems to bring that magic back to me.  It felt free there.  I felt free there.  It was the kind of place that you immediately took off your shoes, sat on the front porch and wanted to just watch and enjoy life.

My grandmother grew lilies and people would travel from all over to take a peek.  She and my grandfather grew acres and acres of garden and there was always something to do.  You would spend hours on the porch, enjoy eating the fruits of your daily labor for every meal and watching the fireflies each night.

Canning jars served as vases for fresh cut flowers, windows were open each night for air, doors were never locked, TVs were for weather forecasts, and “Sunday dinner” was a feast worthy of Thanksgiving week after week.

My grandfather loved to build things and we spent hours upon hours designing playhouses, doll furniture and just about anything else I could come up with.  My first design project was my bedroom at their house.  We found a twin bed in the barn that once belonged to my great-grandmother along with a few other furniture pieces, purchased paint from the local hardware store and transformed a “storage” space in the house into my own private bedroom.  The walls were a pale lavender and my bedding was white with pink flowers.  I found old paintings of farm scenes that my great grandmother once hung  for my walls and white lace sheers for the windows.

Big oak trees that I thought must have been standing since the beginning of time blocked the hot summer sun and I never grew tired of listening to stories from their childhood.


So I guess you can say  “farmhouse chic” is just as much of a memory or state of mind as it is a design trend to me.  It makes me remember days that I wished would never end and a lifestyle that I want to relive.  Simple times and simple style.  Minimal color, nothing pretentious.  Light, airy, easy and GLAMOROUS?  I think so.

It is easy to add glamour in a space.  A little sparkle from a light fixture, a modern lamp, a funky pattern, a bright color.  Something old, something new, something over-the-top, something subdued. Minimal glam accents can make a big difference  and will add that special touch to a simple style.

Just don’t be afraid to have the best of both worlds.


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