Our Magic Treehouse

Porter and Harper were introduced to “The Magic Treehouse” series this past Christmas.  If you are not familiar with these books I highly recommend reading them.  No kids required.

Since starting the books, the talk of a “magic treehouse” of their very own has been very prevalent in our household.  I mean come on, these are the kids of a designer. At 5 and 7 they can space plan better than most adults, understand color, know flooring materials and actually can conceptualize whatever it is they want to create.  You will find sketches throughout our house and big ideas are always on the horizon.

Even though we are still in a “house holding pattern” I thought it would be fun to think outside of the adult box this morning round the troops and have a little treehouse dreaminng session.

There are tons of treehouse options out there.  A few of my favorite spots to look are www.danielswoodland.com  and www.barbarabutler.com.  The both offer prebuilt and custom versions of treehouses and they are pretty fantastic! You can also find plans, kits and lots of other things to get you started.  The options are endless and the inspiration is amazing!

Here’s the objective:

To create a space that can be shared by all three kids. A place where they can let their imaginations soar that isn’t specific to one gender.

The challenges:

Porter loves Harry Potter, Star Wars and anything “boyish.” His ideal treehouse is rustic, rough, filled with books and hidden doors.  Harper’s ideal treehouse is pink.  A castle with a tower, lace curtains and tiny flowers throughout. Harry’s ideal treehouse is whatever is most dangerous.

Creating a winning combination:

Here’s my plan.  I think I will keep everything rustic but add pops of color with fabric banners, painted window trim, outdoor rugs (World Market has some amazing choices right now) and make it a place that sparks imagination with worldly objects.  Simple furniture  (this will probably require an IKEA run) is a must and comfy beanbag chairs or poufs will be a cool spot for an afternoon read. I love the thought of maps covering the walls and hope I can be diligent enough to add photos of the kids enjoying their space on a cork board that can also serve as a place for found “treasures.”

All kids need snacks so maybe a small kitchen type area will be needed and filled with durable camping plateware.  Modified Jelly Jars will make unique lights and paper lanterns will add fun light in the evenings. Book cases will hold reading materials, art supplies and board games for a rainy day.

I have always imagined a supply bucket that could be raised and lowered with a rope and a big “Kids Only” sign to warn off any unwanted parents. Maybe an outdoor deck with an adirondack chair or two so that they can enjoy their own version of a front “kiddie cocktail.”

The kids have spent the morning with me finding inspiration in the designs below.  We have seen the impressive and the possible.  They are each designing away as I type so we will see what we can figure out in the end!


One thought on “Our Magic Treehouse

  1. I love all of them!!!! I would have a cocktail in any of them! I think you may need to build two…..a girl version and a boy version:) Just to keep the troops happy.

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