Reno Plan #24. Seriously.

I never thought that adding on to our existing house could be such a pain. Lesson learned.

Well…after 24 different addition plans (drawn by yours truly) I think we MAY have a keeper. (Insert fireworks and Hallelujah chorus.)

I have always said that I am my worst client.  Add Brendan to that and I want to fire us.  My vision on paper is always easy to love, but not quite as easy to afford. Oops.

I have drawn the addition finished, unfinished, huge, not quite as huge, moving the kitchen, renovating the current kitchen, Master Up, Master Down, Laundry Up, Laundry Down, the list goes on..and on…and on. It has been my biggest headache to date and I literally had to walk away from the project for a few weeks to have enough time to “put my big girl panties on” and give up some of my “must haves” and realize that what is most important is creating a functional space for our family to grow in (size, not number) without going crazy with square footage and foundation.

What we need:

An extra bedroom and bath.  Two boys sharing with Harper forever will make her insane.  Completely insane.

A laundry ROOM.  If I have to do laundry, I want room to spread out (and an alcohol fridge to make it more enjoyable.)

A new kitchen.  I have appliances.  I need the cabinets to put them into. We also want this kitchen to open to our family room.  We plan according to football parties and this seems necessary (I have even put the fridge closet to the couch for Brendan.)

A pantry. If I am going to actually cook, I am tired of having all of our food fall on my head every time I open our tiny pantry.


What we thought we had to have (but didn’t):

A Master Bed/Bath on the main.  In order to cut foundation costs, we realized that it is more important to us to have a new kitchen that is open to the family room than a Master Bed/Bath on the main floor.  While we will probably regret this decision down the road, something had to give for my sanity and I really don’t mind our living/sleeping spaces being completely separate.

A bathroom for each child. I wanted this, Brendan didn’t.  He wins….for once.

So, after drawing, and drawing and knowing a target sq footage to stay within in order to meet our budget, I have created a plan that works for us.

I am BARELY over the sq footage (I deserve a medal for this one) and I think we can make it work.  I am going to cut material costs elsewhere and already owning our appliances give a little flex in the kitchen budget.  Yay for that!

Check out the plans and tell me what you think.  The new rooms will be shown in red text.

Positive feedback only please unless you want me to lose my mind. Seriously.





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