Drumroll please……


Here it is!  Our (probably) soon to be new house!
For those of you who have followed my vision and ideas for a while…you will realize this is NOTHING like our original plan.  I love white, white and gray and as we can all see, this is a much deeper color palate.
Was it love at first sight?  Not so much…but I do see great potential and know that it is going to be a great place to raise our (not so little) family.
The house is located in a neighborhood called Reunion which was developed by my former employer Pratt and Associates. You can find details about the styling and design behind Reunion here:
Brendan and I looked at Reunion when we first moved to Chattanooga 5 years ago.  We loved the neighborhood and the style of homes and felt like it offered the charm and character of a historical neighborhood while having new construction.  The neighborhood was slightly out of our reach at that time but it remained in the back of our mind while going through the home process.
The neighborhood has a great “community vibe” and it looks like something out of a movie during a Sunday drive.  Families raking leaves, children riding bikes, nothing out of place and not a crackhead in sight!  HOORAY!  We also love the convenience to shopping (my Pure Barre addiction is less the THREE MINUTES AWAY) and the slightly shorter commute for Brendan.  Both big pluses!
One of the biggest drawbacks (for us) in the original portion of the neighborhood were the barely there yards.  Five years ago it was hard enough to imagine such a small space but after another child and two large dogs adding to our family…it would never workout.  The great news about this house is that it is one of the “estate lots” and the approximate dimensions are 100X300.  That’s PLENTY for us and fortunately we aren’t responsible for keeping up with very much of it.  We have a lot of privacy behind with woods and no one will ever build directly to our right.  No more “awkward” eye contact from the kitchen sink with neighbors as you are both staring into space!
The home is a prefinished James Hardie product in a dark blue shade.  Similar to our current home with less gray.  Because a “craftsman” style has never been my dream home…I am determined to take this exterior to more of a “coastal cottage” styling.  The dark brown gutters are an interesting addition to the exterior but limit my ability to pull the gray tones that I love so much.  I am thinking about changing the “reddish/orange” front door immediately.  Red is probably my least favorite “personal color” and I can’t imagine being happy walking up to it every day.
Here are my ideas:
In this design board, I add a pop of color and a touch of coastal with a coral front door.  Funky patterened  pillows add plenty of interest and the classic bronze planters with topiaries bring a touch of traditional. Yes and Brendan is totally fine with a “pink” front door so no need to worry about that!
This  idea board keeps the color scheme simple and rich.  Changing the front door to dark brown while adding crisp white chairs, classic white planters and personalized accessories will make for a traditional look without seeming stuffy.
I know, I know.  I have said a million times that I am SO OVER the blue/green and brown combo but there is something about this mix that I love.  It is so charming and cottage like and I think that the pale blue door would be totally unexpected.  “Shabby” planters will soften the porch and a touch of yellow will create an eclectic mix of front porch charm.
While yellow is not one of typical “go to colors,”  I love pairing navy and yellow together.  Especially in this mix.  The yellow front door is soft and creamy and the patterned pillows paired with a personalized pillow will make this porch inviting. Reclaimed planters  (this will be a great project for my dad using reclaimed barn wood from my grandparent’s house) with a funky knocker to accessorize the look will flank the front door with house short topiaries to bring a classic feel.
This board (a 2:00 AM thought) features the current door color (in my best guess) with accents.  Brendan says he likes the current door color so I thought I should give it a shot.  I mean, as an Auburn girl shouldn’t I LOVE the idea of an “almost burnt orange” and navy color scheme?  I do love the classic red and blue scheme with a bit of a punch with the orange hues. I just worry that it really makes the house more “craftsman” than I can handle.
So those are my thoughts!  I am craving feedback on this so please give me your opinions!

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