Home Sweet (finally) Home

After about three months of real estate nightmare… we have finally closed on both houses and are somewhat settled into our new home.  It has been quite the process and we have had more stress in the past three months than ever before. If we were able to make it through this…I honestly think we can make it through anything!

Now that I feel like I can breathe again, I plan on sharing my idea boards for the rest of the house and then sharing the actual space!  We are about 90 percent there (for now) and feel extremely blessed to finally be home!

I thought I would take the time to share the top 10 things that I have learned throughout three months of real estate drama.

1. When “destiny” comes knocking at your door…please realize that even though fate may be pushing you in a new direction…you may have to jump over hurdles, bend over backwards and take a few kicks in the rear before you actually get there.

2. NEVER move yourself (mentally or physically) into the new home before you know every detail of the old home’s transactions.  We found ourself in a very sticky situation where not only had we fallen in love with our new home..but our kids had too.  Talk about stress trying to keep everyone’s dreams alive throughout the not so simple sale of our old home.

3. Bridges were made to be fixed and crossed over again.  The surprising twist to this story is that we purchased a new home from my previous employer and they were pretty amazing throughout the entire process.  Three years later and they still considered me part of their family.  A  definite “bright spot.”

4. If you plan to live in a home for a long time and have “hoarding tendencies” (me) your money is WELL SPENT hiring a junk removal service to make it all disappear.

5.  Movers are necessary.  Unless you actually like to torture yourself…then have at it.  But if you like watching other people break their back over your ridiculously heavy antique baby grande instead of actually breaking your back (and possibly the piano) then spend the money and let someone do it for you.

6. You are more handy than you think.  Well..not me (I knew I was handy)…but Brendan is more handy than I thought.  In the eight years that we have been married he has gone from “call your dad” to” Mr. Light Hanger of the year!”

7.  If you don’t plan on using it…get rid of it.  Who wants a new house full of stuff that will never be used?  Not me and you shouldn’t either.

8. Pick your biggest “I have to have it” project and then plan your budget around it.  We had already purchased appliances so in order to use them we knew that  we would have to reconfigure the existing kitchen. So we made sure to pre-budget for that project and then made cuts elsewhere.  It is much easier to buy additional lamps and accessories than it is to add cabinets later on.

9. A plan makes it easier.  I took the time to create design boards, shopping/materials lists and drawings for every room in our new house.  Coming into the move extremely prepared, I was able to move and setup a house in less than three weeks…and be ready to host an engagement party. Insane? Yes.  Worth it? Absolutely.

10.  The most important thing I learned through all of this is that houses may come and go..but your family is home as long as you are together no matter the what address may be.


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