A finished dining room

Here it is…our first “finished” room in our new house!

The dining room had to be completed immediately.  It is the first room you see when you walk into our house and there is really no hiding it. Not that I would want to anyway. We have even used it twice in three months!  At this rate…it will be the pristine entry piece I have imagined forever!

The light fixture is my favorite design element in the space and was well worth the ridiculous shipping charges.  The table is heavy and rustic and the chairs are extremely practical.  We have actually had red wine spilled (and not noticed for two weeks) on a chair and it washed out completely!

I accessorized with a seagrass rug, a few mercury glass candle holders, simple white curtains, a more modern than I am used to curtain rod and  red branches in a clear glass vase. I wanted a punch of color and for now, the red branches are all I have figured out.

What I want to add….after seeing this space for a few months I have some ideas of “tweaks” to the current design as well as my original board.

We purchased a buffet for this space but after getting all of the furniture in realized it would make it seem very tight. We wanted this space to be extremely clean and simple and not overwhelmed by furniture.

I have my heart set on a piece of artwork for the dining room from a local artist in Chattanooga. She creates amazing oil paintings and I am saving my pennies and hinting for birthdays that this is what I need.  I want a canoe painting.  A simple…beautiful…canoe. I think it will add the perfect amount of color and interest to the space and I can’t think of a better piece  to grace my dining wall. Here is the link so you can check out her site:


So the last piece of my design puzzle is the chairs at the head of the table.  I am torn between the simple white chairs and possibly adding a more substantial chair with a pattern, color or texture.  Brendan prefers the look of the all white chair but I am not convinced.  I try to be for his sake..but I’m not.

So are you ready to check it out? Let me know what you think!

In case you haven’t seen my previous posts..here is the design board for our dining room:

Brendan and Ashley- Dining Room

And here is the “finished” space:








2 thoughts on “A finished dining room

  1. Beautiful, ashley! Did you repaint too or was it ready @ move in? Those canoe paintings are great…which one do you like best for this space?

    • The color was there. It is called Universal Khaki and was one of my favorite colors when I worked for Pratt. It was also in the Master, 1/2 bath and playroom. We had them add it to the Master Bath and were good to go! I love how warm it is. As for the paintings..I am torn between the orange canoe and the brown/natural canoe. What do you think?

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