Front door phobia.

One of the other areas that I struggled with in the new house was the front door color.  I know I posted design boards a ways back with different thoughts and plans so I wanted to give you the process and finished look!

Our house is a dark gray.  Which I LOVE.  Our gutters are a dark brown.  Which I didn’t love.. but have actually grown on me.  So finding a “non expected” front door color was a bit of a challenge.

I toyed with lots of different thoughts.  I considered coral,  brown, yellow, red, powder blue and even removing the front door and rehanging a natural finish option.  (For the record the last option would have been my first choice but I am TRYING to be budget conscious!)

While good options, none seemed to “fit.”  I wanted something that would carry to the inside and with all of my white walls and minimal color the color palate for the front door didn’t seem to match. I also didn’t want something expected.  Red was so obvious with the dark gray color palate and call me a true Auburn girl but I just don’t do red well.

After weeks of consideration and even a Facebook/instagram poll I decided that I would either go with a coral or pale, buttery yellow and headed to the paint store.  Somewhere in my pickup of paint chips (which I carried on top of my pillows to try to get a better “feel” for the color) I also grabbed a mint green and a lime green.  Pretty unexpected for me.

After much debate and photo sharing, I decided to go outside of the expected (and outside of my comfort zone) and chose the mint green. Martha Stewart Salvia was the winner (ding! ding!ding!!!)

Once home, the red/orange front door from “The Gray House past” quickly disappeared under multiple coats of a bonding primer (my new favorite painting tool.) Once the new mint green went on the door, I realized that my decision was a good one.  After the new glazed white planters, ferns and accents of yellow, navy and brown were in place…I realized I was in love with my front porch.

The door color took this house from the expected “craftsman” that you see in most neotraditional neighborhoods to a house that gave me the feeling it belongs in The Hamptons. It totally changed the “feel” of our house and I am really digging. it. It also carries well into the interior of our house and I can honestly say that I feel like The Gray House is finally our home.

So what does your front door mean to your house?  Everything.


IMG_7927 IMG_7939 IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7933 IMG_7928


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